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Friday, July 21, 2006

Home Improving

I come to you on this beautiful Friday afternoon in the North Country spattered in white primer paint and wearing a band-aid on my toe. Yes, I am working on my house again. Over the course of the week, my oldest son and I have painted our doors in brilliant colors as well as mudding our new drywall sheets.

I have realized a few things.

1) Apparently, I do ok on mudding drywall except in a spot where it is REALLY noticeable when I do mess up. The seam really didn't look bad at first, but after that first coat of primer, I knew I was in trouble. After a brief instance of thinking I might be able to cover it with a picture, I came to the conclusion that there isn't a picture made that can cover a visible ceiling to floor seam. So I guess it is off to Home Depot for another tub of mud.

2) Painting ceilings is hard work, especially when said ceilings are textured, hence the splatter.

3) I am accident prone when I do home improvement. I have almost tripped over wires at least 5 times, but the kicker was when I almost fell into an uncovered floor register for the second time. This was after having fallen in once, thus the band-aid. The register has since been replaced...LOL.

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