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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Taking it in baby steps - House Cleaning

I used to Spring Clean and spend my weekends doing it. This past year, however, I never got around to Spring Cleaning due to our homeschool schedule and the need to relax and chill on the weekends. Since we are on summer break, I find that I am able to get to what I didn't in the Spring.....but I am doing it in baby steps.

Call it the allure of our new pool or the fact that my youngest is now riding a bike, thus allowing us to go on family bike rides now, but I still don't wish to spend a day Spring Cleaning so I have devised this plan to do a little everyday. Yesterday, I cleaned off all the shelves and the area around our microwave (our near-the-door-catch-all-spot). Today, I cleaned out the cabinets, lazy susan, and the top of the refrigerator. Tomorrow, I will find something else to do.

Why am I boring you all with this? Because I am relaying it as a tip to get things done without taking much of the day up doing it. I would rather play with my kids than clean and if it doesn't get done all at once, who cares right?

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