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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Did anyone see the Watertown Daily Times - Letters to the Editor today?

Wow...was the Letters to the Editor section of the paper chock full of LaBouf today. Yesterday there were quite a few from the local area, but today all but one were from all around the country. California, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington, Connecticut...and not a one of them positive. It almost negated the one "thank you, Rev. LaBouf" letter that was there yesterday.

I bet a few of my readers are wondering why I have such a problem with all this as to post on it as much as I have. Well, let me tell you. Believe it or not, I was once a part of the Baptist church and am well aware of some of it's tendency to try to keep women silent.

I was raised by a mother who practiced Indigenous religions as well as came from a family that was predominantly Catholic. I gravitated to the Baptist church when I lived down South because I imagine I was searching for something different. After being with the Church for a while, I started to see the things that made me leave. I remember being appalled when I learned that I could not state my opinion in church business meetings because I was a woman. I remember the sermons of a "woman's place" and the "virtuous woman" and felt that I never measured up. I also remember the intolerance that this particular denomination had for other religions, such as their belief that they were the only true way to Heaven and without Salvation, all others would burn regardless of how kind and just the person was.

I actually felt less of person when I was with the Baptist church than I ever did before and I left. I ended up coming back full circle to the earth-center base of my mother's religious choice although hers is more Native American based while mine is Wicca-based. I no longer will prescribe to a religion that tells me that I am worthless in comparison to a man nor will I believe that the God/dess is a vengeful entity that just waits for us to mess up so he/she can slap us down.

And with that, I am done with this topic.

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