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Friday, August 11, 2006

Dining Room update

We are at a stand still today because last night we ran out of flooring for the dining room. Since we only had bought enough for the living room, which is slightly smaller, we knew that we would eventually run out. It's looking good and I can't wait to get it finished. Even not completely done, it is still a great improvement over the mold carpet from hell that was in here before (see "A holy crap Moment in the floor project" post).

Our walls are another issue. As I have mentioned before, when we bought the house, we found that the previous owner was a not-so-handy handyman. The walls in this room are textured, but not uniformly. There are spots that are smooth and parts that are thick with it. There are actually marks where you can see the wake of the trough used.

Yesterday, I took the last of the barn wood that decorated this room out and gladly brought it to the fire pit out back. When we moved in in 1999, one of our first projects was to take the barn wood that covered all four walls of this room out, because it made it too dark. Behind the wood we found stripes of black spray paint, apparently put there so one wouldn't see the white of the walls through the barn wood (see photo). We are just now taking the last of it down in this room because we weren't sure what we would find behind the walls. We found out yesterday that in the far corner, there is nothing but studs.

We have decided that we are going to sheetrock the entire room before we go through the hassle of trying to deal with the texture and the damage to the walls caused by the removal of the barn wood.

Alas, the barn wood saga is not over.....our bedroom is done up on one side in barn wood, loving cemented in place with foam caulking.

To be continued......(cue creepy music)

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