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Monday, August 07, 2006

A holy crap moment in the floor project.....

The good news is that so far the sub-flooring looks pretty level save for a crack in the concrete that sets down a quarter of an inch or so. Hopefully having said that, I have not damned myself for disappointment when I uncover the rest of the floor tonight and tomorrow.

Here's the holy crap moment....when I was rolling up the old carpet to take outside, I was appalled by what I saw. It looks like mold was living in my carpet!!!! No wonder my youngest would end up hacking up a lung when he and my husband used to wrestle around on the floor.
Isn't it hideous? I swear, my goal is to make sure I have not one bit of carpet in my house when I am done with it!!

I am delighted to say that this room already smells cleaner because I pulled up the part of the carpet that apparently was holding a cat pee smell.

Now you all probably think we living in a nasty, dirty house, but we don't. I happen to have a very spoiled kitty that refuses to use a litter box once another cat uses it. When we brought home our second cat, Jenny, Miss Kitty would not use the communal litter box again. She chooses to go outside, but if she doesn't get out enough, she will use the floor, even with a perfectly good litter box.....go figure.

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