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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Let me introduce.....

.....the feline members of the household. I couldn't imagine not having pets and I am definitely more of a cat person. Now, I like dogs, don't get me wrong, but I prefer cats as pets. They are less of a hassle, more independent, and when you go away, you don't tend to worry too much that your house will be trashed.

This is the grand dame...Miss Kitty. I know, not the most original name, but her name fits her attitude. She came to us as a stray in Winter 1998 on one of the coldest days of the year. She had taken up shelter under our grill (with the plastic cover). We fed her and brought her in because we knew she would freeze to death outside. We came to the conclusion that she was once someones pet because of her temperament. Even when my littlest son picked her up by her back fur, she never scratch or spit. Why someone would dump a cat like her is beyond me, but we won out because of it. I call her my "witches cat" because every time I do any Wiccan rituals, she is there at the light of an incense stick. She's also a catnip fiend and has been known to eat a catnip plant to a nub in the ground.

This little bundle is Jennifer. We got her at the SPCA in the Summer of 2004 for my son. She is 6 pounds of pure brat. She likes to force herself into the food bowl, try to bogart treats by honing in on Miss Kitty's after she has eaten hers, and can frequently be seen skulking around in the bushes for the opportunity to jump on Miss Kitty's head. She is, however, quite sweet when she wants to be. She has yet to really one up Miss Kitty though because even with all her jumping and sneaking, Miss Kitty usually slaps her down with one swipe of her 6 toed paw.

This two give us constant amusement and only a few headaches.

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