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Monday, August 07, 2006

More home improvement.....

As anyone that knows me will tell you, my house is a constant home improvement project. We bought this house in 1999 and to my knowledge, it is about 60 years old with some add ons later put on. As much as I love the property that it is on (3/4 acre with old growth maple), I am not completely in love with the house. The biggest think it needs is a new roof, but since we can't financially swing it right now, we do what we can. Every project is an adventure because we have inherited a house from someone that thought he was a handyman and wasn't. In fact, I don't think we have a square corner in our house, but it is home and we make the best of it. In the past we have completely redone the kitchen and improved the bathroom (more improvements planned in the fall).

We are on our next stage of home improvement as we are now starting our dining room floor project. Having found that the laminate flooring did not work in the living room, we decided to use it in the dining room. The carpet in this room came with the house, so I can't say how old it is. It's old though, and brown...yeck! So, starting today, we are removing some furniture, cutting up the carpet, and will start laying the floor.

Fingers crossed that the sub-floor is not the uneven disaster the living room was.

Speaking of the living room....as much as I love my new ceramic tile floor, I am not too thrilled about the mushroom colored grout that we used. It get too dirty, too fast. I think we may regrout it chocolate colored.

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