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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Newzjunky.com :: City Councilman Rev. Timothy LaBouf

Well, Rev. Tim LaBouf has finally made a statement and what a long-winded one it is. It still sounds a lot like "it's our way or the highway" when it comes to listening to the concerns of the members of that church. Maybe it's me, but is seems like he skirted around how he truly believes on the issue of a "women's place". I mean to state that Mary Corriveau does a fantastic job or that one has acquaintances that are female business leaders doesn't say anything about if one feels that a woman shouldn't be in a position to teach a man.

Well, I will just post Rev. LaBouf's statement as well as the First Baptist's Church's statement and you can make your own opinion.

Newzjunky.com :: City Councilman Rev. Timothy LaBouf

Newzjunky.com :: First Baptist Church

It just seems to me that there is an attempt to vilify Ms. Lambert and the members of the Church that dare to question the "mechanisms".....just my opinion.

Reminds me of this little guy....


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