What's running though my mind comes through in my walk / True feelings are shown by the way that I talk. ~MCA Adam Yauch 1964-2012

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Watertown Farmer's Market

I always love going to the Farmer's Market on Washington Street in Watertown. Not only does one have access to all the fresh fruits and veggies there, but there is also a variety of miscellaneous crafts and wares. Add to it the guy with the guitar singing songs and it's quite the atmosphere.

I was able to get some nice red potatoes, gorgeous tomatoes, and some sweet corn that I made for this evening's supper. Each of my boys got a treat with one choosing cotton candy and the other buying a Whoopie Pie. All for under $11 dollars...can't beat that!

Here are some photos from our day at the Market. The Living Museum at Thompson Park had their turtles out and there was a pony in a pen.

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