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Monday, September 11, 2006

Change the Course of a Nation Event with Dr. Bob Johnson and Viggo Mortensen

My husband and I had the great opportunity to attend the "Change the Course of a Nation" event at the Partridge Berry Inn on Saturday. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see so many people at this event. This series of events will not only help the Johnson campaign financially, but has given him some much needed exposure in the 23rd District.

Dr. Johnson gave a great speech, as did Mr. Mortensen. What struck me the most about Viggo was how laid back he was. Very non-presumptuous, very human, remarkable quiet. It's so incredible to have his support in this campaign.

I knew this was a political event, so I put on my best professional face and was lucky to shake Viggo's hand and tell him how incredibly awesome it was that he was supporting Dr. Johnson.

I still think I may have blushed a little though....I mean, yes it is a political event, but this is still Viggo, ok?

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