What's running though my mind comes through in my walk / True feelings are shown by the way that I talk. ~MCA Adam Yauch 1964-2012

Monday, September 25, 2006

Jerry Falwell flapping his gums again.....

Well, I see that Jerry Falwell cannot keep his inflammatory and hate filled mouth shut. This time he seems to be comparing Hillary Clinton to the Devil and God as Republican.....

Hillary Clinton could outdraw the devil, Falwell says

Do people REALLY take this guy seriously??

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

An Open Letter to LitterBugs

Dear LitterBugs,

After picking up ANOTHER trash bag full of trash off of my front yard, I have this to say.

I am tired of you all using my front yard as a trash can. I am tired of having to pick up McDonald's wrappers, old lottery tickets, and beer bottles and cans. Just the other day I watched one of you throw a WHOLE fast food bag of trash out of your window. This is an all year thing and this year it seems worse.

Why do you all feel that this planet is your personal waste area? What the hell keeps you from holding onto your garbage until you can throw it away at home or at a gas station?

I am so tired of watching people trash the environment and blatantly disregard the fact that with every wrapper, with every plastic bottle thrown out of a car window, the problem gets bigger and the beauty of the area is spoiled. How many of us have seen a fence that has caught hundreds of plastic bags that are just thrown aside?

My rant might be a preaching to the choir, but I seriously am disgusted.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

In Honor of a Great Lady......

Ann Richards dies of complications of esophageal cancer at age 73.

She was a great lady and a champion for civil rights. She won me over with her "Poor George" comment at the 1988 Democratic Convention.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Study: Gulf War syndrome doesn't exist

Study: Gulf War syndrome doesn't exist.
Excuse my French, but what the hell kind of shit is this? Doesn't this stink like the Agent Orange fiasco, where for the longest time the government said that the Vietnam Vets were not affected by the chemical, yet when many of the vets died, they admitted the link?

So what's next? Letting the Gulf War vets go without benefits and let them die off slowly, then 20 years down the road (when the government won't have to shell out the money for so many claims because their dead) finally admit it?

What a shitty thing to do to our Vets!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering September 11th, 2001

Has it already been five years? It doesn't seem so, does it? Sometimes it feels like yesterday for me and then other days it's like it was a million years ago. Today I know that I will sit back, when I have some quiet moments in my day, and will reflect on how I and this Nation felt that terrible day. I will light the candles on my altar and honor our lost, and pray for peace in this world. I will pray for tolerance and love. I will pray for the families. I will take my kids for a walk and look at the blue sky above and thank the Goddess that I have another opportunity to do so.

Change the Course of a Nation Event with Dr. Bob Johnson and Viggo Mortensen

My husband and I had the great opportunity to attend the "Change the Course of a Nation" event at the Partridge Berry Inn on Saturday. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see so many people at this event. This series of events will not only help the Johnson campaign financially, but has given him some much needed exposure in the 23rd District.

Dr. Johnson gave a great speech, as did Mr. Mortensen. What struck me the most about Viggo was how laid back he was. Very non-presumptuous, very human, remarkable quiet. It's so incredible to have his support in this campaign.

I knew this was a political event, so I put on my best professional face and was lucky to shake Viggo's hand and tell him how incredibly awesome it was that he was supporting Dr. Johnson.

I still think I may have blushed a little though....I mean, yes it is a political event, but this is still Viggo, ok?