What's running though my mind comes through in my walk / True feelings are shown by the way that I talk. ~MCA Adam Yauch 1964-2012

Monday, September 24, 2007


Yesterday I celebrated Mabon with a ride on a motorcycle with my sweetie to head up to Adirondack Artworks in Natural Bridge. This store has a variety of artwork, crystals, and loads of other interesting things. I bought some candles and some sandalwood incense and we were off again. I took these photos on the North Croghan Road and was able to get a visitor in the form of a bullfrog on film.

Later I made a dinner with traditional Mabon foods (Potato and Parsley Soup with Corn Bread) and collected different colored leaves in the woods near my home. Mabon is a time for balance and over the course of the last year, I have been completely out of whack so I thought it was as good as time as any to work a ritual honoring the Sabbat as well as working to bring myself back to balance. I have been away from the Ancient Celtic Traditions for a while now and felt it was time to rededicate myself to the practice for, in the past, it has brought me as close to balance as I have ever known.

So here's to balance and peace!

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