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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Still losing...not much more to go

I weighed myself this morning, and to my delight, I am down to 139, which puts me back on track. I now have 9 pounds to go for my goal. When I reach my goal, I will be at the weight I was when I went to basic training at age 17. I do, however, still need to get back on the exercise track. I fizzled last week and didn't work out as much as I should have, but with the weight loss still progressing, I am motivated to get right to it!!

I wanted to share a simple recipe that I use from time to time. It probably isn't new, but I whipped it up myself one day while playing around with ingredients so I don't have exact measurements. It's pretty yummy and curbs my hunger in the mornings for breakfast or as a snack during the day.

Banana-Strawberry Soymilk Shake

1 banana-cut up
2 large (Frozen or fresh) strawberries-cut up
About a quarter cup of low fat vanilla yogurt
Enough vanilla soy milk to cover it all up in a cup (or the consistency that you like it)

Mix with hang mixer until blended. Enjoy!

I also have set a goal to run a 5K within the next year. It is actually on my "Things to do before I am 40" list and I am working towards the Shamrock Run in Watertown in March 2008. I want to start off slow and work my way up. With enough perseverance, I will make it!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Couple welcomes 17th child - Kids & Parenting - MSNBC.com

Couple welcomes 17th child - Kids & Parenting - MSNBC.com

I know, I know....I will post my opinion on this subject and have people thinking "It's their choice" or "What's it to you?" but every time I read in the news about this family having yet one more child, I cringe. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I wonder how the parents can possible give all their children enough love and attention when there is always a baby in the house....or it could be my nagging thought that in this day and age of overpopulation that it just seems so irresponsible...or the creepy feeling I get when I see all these kids together, kind of like seeing a spiders nest with all the young going every which way. There is just too many of them....

One of the funniest things I read in this article was this:
"We'd love to have more," Michelle said, referring to baby girls. "We love the ruffles and lace."

I love ruffles and lace too, lady, but you know what? Having two boys myself, I understand the love of ruffles and lace, but I think I will just buy it for myself, my nieces, or just hold out for the granddaughters I might have in the future....not keep spitting kids out for it. Oh, well...just my opinion.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Small changes

I have found that just adding small changes can make a difference. By going back to the healthy eating habits I adopted last year, I have already found myself at the 141 mark on my scale. I started back working out this week and have cut out eating some of the goodies that I can eat at my workplace (I work part time at a pizza shop...yikes!). I have set my goal for 130 because that was my original goal and because it was the weight I was years ago when I felt at my healthiest. Anything less and my "Irish farm girl" build looks too thin.

So I am well on my way...wish me luck!