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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - Carter praises Obama « - Blogs from CNN.com

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - Carter praises Obama « - Blogs from CNN.com

I don't care what others may say about Jimmy Carter. I think he was one of the greatest leaders we had, both because of his convictions and because of his refusal to go against his convictions when others wanted to control them. His work after his Presidency has been extraordinary, so, of course, I take his opinion seriously.

Read what he has to say about Barack Obama.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I know this is old news......Will Barclay "Driver's License" Ad

But since I watch little local television and tend to research candidates by their positions on issues instead of blindly following their ads, I have not paid that much attention. I will admit that I have not really listened to the Will Barclay ad claiming Darrell Aubertine's position on the Governor's driver's license plan, but while working my evening job, I have heard them three times an hour.

The spot is awful! I hate these kind of negative ads, whether it is a Dem or a Republican using them. The tone of this ad is so hateful and fear mongering. Not only does it use the word "scheme", like the Governor is some kind of criminal, but it brings in the 9-11 terrorists while they are at it. This ad is one step away from saying "Eliot Spitzer is a terrorist...so is Aubertine.....and if you vote for him, you are too....because if you ain' with us, you're aginst us...." I am waiting for the "When Aubertine goes to bed at night, he wears a turban on his head!" ad campaign to start soon with grainy photos of Darrell taken through his bedroom window.

These kind of ads turn me off. One of my coworkers said "That kind of ad would make me NOT want to vote for Will Barclay!" I remember back in 1998 when Charles Schumer and Alphonse Demato had that really nasty, mudslinging race that became famous nationwide. I was so turned off by both of them that I didn't vote for either one. And I wasn't voting for Golisano, so I voted for the guy on the Marijuana Reform ticket...whoever that was. I figured that guy would be ten times more mellow than the jackals that were tearing each others throats out.

What I am asking is why can't politicians stick to the issues? Why do they have to to so nasty? I suppose that is why I don't watch too many ads or watch too many debates in the beginning of election season....I can not bear to watch the candidates cut each other down and insult our intelligence with stupid squabbling.

Don't the candidates see that this kind of advertising turns the voters off, not rallies them to their side? Let's have a clean fight....and no hitting below the belt!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Actor Heath Ledger Dead At 28

wcbstv.com - Actor Heath Ledger Dead At 28

My God....I am in shock...absolute shock. The first thing I said when I saw this was "WHAT!?" and then I started to remember the films I had seen him in and the face of his look-a-like baby girl that won't see her father anymore. What a sad bit of news!

Monday, January 21, 2008

See...what did I tell you all!?

Seems that USA Today shares my sentiments from January 14th. Congratulations to Eli Manning and the NY Giants. So many naysayers didn't think they would make it this far, but this team pulled through and their heart will get them their win over New England on February 3rd.

On to Arizona....GO GIANTS!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gail Crimmins


Gail Crimmins was a bright shining star at Black River Elementary School. I remember Ms. Crimmins when she was my oldest son's special education teacher. She had a laugh that could fill the room and a presence that made you feel that she truly loved the children she worked with. She wasn't afraid to speak up for her kids at Committee on Special Education meetings and she pushed her students to succeed. I am going to miss Ms. Crimmins. She is one of those people that when they pass, the world feels just a little bit emptier.

Monday, January 14, 2008

On day Peyton Manning gets sacked, Eli delivers on Giant promise

On day Peyton Manning gets sacked, Eli delivers on Giant promise

To paraphrase a sports commentator from last night "There is a Manning going to a Championship game, and his name isn't Peyton!"

Don't get me wrong...yes, the Colts are my team and I was extremely disappointed when they did not win yesterday afternoon. If fact, I was so sure that they would win, I did not even watch the game until the end, having listened to it on the radio as I was out running errands. I was that sure that San Diego wouldn't beat them, but alas, I was wrong.

The Giants are my backup team though. Mostly because they are our home team and partly because another Manning is the quarterback, and Shockey is quite the bad ass. Throughout this season, I have been pissed at Eli Manning when he seemed to have given up on himself. Most Giants fans know what I am talking about....that "look" of self-defeat that gets on his face, and any fan knows that when Eli looks defeated, the team is screwed. Yet, lately, Eli is confident and standing tall.

I have a theory regarding the NFL cosmos. The NFL Gods know it is time for Eli to step out of Peyton's shadow. The time has come for Eli to become his own man...not Archie Manning's son.....not Peyton Manning's little brother.....no folks, he is Eli Manning, Giants quarterback. In my opinion, between the two games the Mannings played last night, Eli and the Giants had the tougher job with a tougher team to beat.

Yes, my friends.....Eli has arrived!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ghosthunters International

I admit it...I am a fan of Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi Channel, but I find that I have a love/hate relationship with it. While I like what Jason and Grant are doing (going in trying to disprove the existence of paranormal activity instead of proving), I am frequently disappointed when they don't find something at places that are historically known to be haunted. To me it seems that they don't spend enough time at one place or, much to my dismay, sometimes fighting within the ranks of TAPS tends to overshadow the investigations. I mean, if I was a ghost, I wouldn't want to show myself while someone was ripping Brian Harnois a new butthole.

This all being said, I was still eagerly awaiting the premire of Ghosthunters International. I mean, come on....ghosthunting in Europe? How cool would that be!? The fact that Europe is downright ancient is enough to want me to check it out! Now I knew that Jason and Grant (and Steve, the man who seems afraid of everything but ghosts) wouldn't be a part of the team, but imagine my disappointment when I saw that not only was Brian back, but Donna LaCroix and Andy Andrews as well. It's like they took the most annoying members of TAPS and put them in one series.

This is why I say this: Brian always has personal problems and tends to exaggerate everything that is going on around him. Andy is like the equivalent of a small yappy dog for he never shuts up. Then there is Donna, who seems to walk into every investigation scared. Everywhere she goes she "just doesn't feel comfortable" there. And don't get me started on how many times I hear "Oh MY GAAD!" from her!

In a nutshell, Ghosthunters International is a fair show. I love the locations they went to yesterday and look forward to future episodes, but it seems a lot like the old show, edited the same way, the same annoying music being played when the crew supposedly hears a sound, and the "What the hell was that?" being said over and over so I don't know....we'll see.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

I could be speaking of the the NH Primaries, but instead I am talking of the weather here in Northern NY. Yesterday, as I posted, we enjoyed a beautiful 65 degree day in the middle of winter.

Well, today we not only saw the return of more normal temperatures for us (in the 30's by the end of the day) but we had ourselves quite a windstorm as well. We saw gusts up to 55 mph and throughout the day the wind speeds were around 20-30 mph. Wind speeds of 85 mph were clocked at the Thousand Islands Bridge and caused a tractor trailer to overturn. Quite the rocking and rolling day here.

The kids and I took some photos while we were out and about.

NH Primaries

I watched the results from the primary off and on throughout the night. I wasn't too happy to see Hillary get an edge over Barack Obama, but I wasn't too discouraged considering the numbers show an only 3% difference between the two.

I should have learned it at the 2004 Election when the prediction was made that Kerry was on top.....exit polls aren't always accurate. And when are the news outlets going to learn that calling a prediction in the first hour may come back to bite you? Now I know it worked for them last night, but calling the winner of the Republican Primary at 8:15pm and only 12% reporting was pushing it a little, don't you think? Let's not forget Election 2000 and the whole "Al Gore has won Florida and thus the Presidency" fiasco.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

12:30pm and 65 degrees

What a day in the history of North Country weather. Here in Northern NY we see our fair share of snow and cold. Sometimes we see snow as early as October and as late as May. We deal with it, grumble a bit about it, make due by taking up winter sports to chase away the cabin fever, or falter to it by gaining weight so getting a day like this is wonderful.
I am using this day as an opportunity to blow all the stale air out of my house by opening all the windows in the house. I have also washed all of our sheets and have them drying on the line courtesy of the Mother Nature Power Authority. I cannot wait to snuggle down in sheets dried on the line.....ahhhh! In a bit, the boys and I are going to go for a walk with the dog and take in the warmth.
Only one thing marred this for me a little bit and that was with the snow melt came the evidence of the tremendous amount of dog poo the two neighbor dogs have left in my yard. I know it is them because I have a designated area that I let my dog go in and I see these two in my yard all the time. On the plus side, though, they are really nice dogs....I just don't like cleaning their poo.
Well, off to enjoy the day. After tomorrow I hear that it will back to business as usual with snow and cold, but that is what us Northern NY'ers are used to.

Monday, January 07, 2008

How to Get the Life You Want - Page1 -  MSN Lifestyle - Mind, Body & Soul

How to Get the Life You Want - Page1 - MSN Lifestyle - Mind, Body & Soul

I read this article today and it spoke to me. For years I have held onto the dream that I would one day write a novel. I even have the novel in my head, with characters, plot, location...you name it. It's all right there in my head, playing like a movie that I have seen over and over again. The question remains is why don't I write it? Why am I holding out on a dream I have dreamed for years? Why is it that I put my dreams on the back burner all the while building up those of my kids and my boyfriend?

The answer to those questions lie in the fact that I always believed as a mother that following one's silly dreams was selfish. I mean there is so much to do as a homeschooling mom there seems to be little time for anything else. This article makes a good point though...not fulfulling your dreams means not being true to yourself and it sets up the "is this all there is" feeling.

So, my goal is to not only spend sometime a day writing my story, but maintaining my blogs to keep me fresh. I have allowed too many things to overshadow the dreams that I have and I need a balance as a mother and my own person.

Wish me luck........