What's running though my mind comes through in my walk / True feelings are shown by the way that I talk. ~MCA Adam Yauch 1964-2012

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

12:30pm and 65 degrees

What a day in the history of North Country weather. Here in Northern NY we see our fair share of snow and cold. Sometimes we see snow as early as October and as late as May. We deal with it, grumble a bit about it, make due by taking up winter sports to chase away the cabin fever, or falter to it by gaining weight so getting a day like this is wonderful.
I am using this day as an opportunity to blow all the stale air out of my house by opening all the windows in the house. I have also washed all of our sheets and have them drying on the line courtesy of the Mother Nature Power Authority. I cannot wait to snuggle down in sheets dried on the line.....ahhhh! In a bit, the boys and I are going to go for a walk with the dog and take in the warmth.
Only one thing marred this for me a little bit and that was with the snow melt came the evidence of the tremendous amount of dog poo the two neighbor dogs have left in my yard. I know it is them because I have a designated area that I let my dog go in and I see these two in my yard all the time. On the plus side, though, they are really nice dogs....I just don't like cleaning their poo.
Well, off to enjoy the day. After tomorrow I hear that it will back to business as usual with snow and cold, but that is what us Northern NY'ers are used to.

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