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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I know this is old news......Will Barclay "Driver's License" Ad

But since I watch little local television and tend to research candidates by their positions on issues instead of blindly following their ads, I have not paid that much attention. I will admit that I have not really listened to the Will Barclay ad claiming Darrell Aubertine's position on the Governor's driver's license plan, but while working my evening job, I have heard them three times an hour.

The spot is awful! I hate these kind of negative ads, whether it is a Dem or a Republican using them. The tone of this ad is so hateful and fear mongering. Not only does it use the word "scheme", like the Governor is some kind of criminal, but it brings in the 9-11 terrorists while they are at it. This ad is one step away from saying "Eliot Spitzer is a terrorist...so is Aubertine.....and if you vote for him, you are too....because if you ain' with us, you're aginst us...." I am waiting for the "When Aubertine goes to bed at night, he wears a turban on his head!" ad campaign to start soon with grainy photos of Darrell taken through his bedroom window.

These kind of ads turn me off. One of my coworkers said "That kind of ad would make me NOT want to vote for Will Barclay!" I remember back in 1998 when Charles Schumer and Alphonse Demato had that really nasty, mudslinging race that became famous nationwide. I was so turned off by both of them that I didn't vote for either one. And I wasn't voting for Golisano, so I voted for the guy on the Marijuana Reform ticket...whoever that was. I figured that guy would be ten times more mellow than the jackals that were tearing each others throats out.

What I am asking is why can't politicians stick to the issues? Why do they have to to so nasty? I suppose that is why I don't watch too many ads or watch too many debates in the beginning of election season....I can not bear to watch the candidates cut each other down and insult our intelligence with stupid squabbling.

Don't the candidates see that this kind of advertising turns the voters off, not rallies them to their side? Let's have a clean fight....and no hitting below the belt!

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