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Monday, January 14, 2008

On day Peyton Manning gets sacked, Eli delivers on Giant promise

On day Peyton Manning gets sacked, Eli delivers on Giant promise

To paraphrase a sports commentator from last night "There is a Manning going to a Championship game, and his name isn't Peyton!"

Don't get me wrong...yes, the Colts are my team and I was extremely disappointed when they did not win yesterday afternoon. If fact, I was so sure that they would win, I did not even watch the game until the end, having listened to it on the radio as I was out running errands. I was that sure that San Diego wouldn't beat them, but alas, I was wrong.

The Giants are my backup team though. Mostly because they are our home team and partly because another Manning is the quarterback, and Shockey is quite the bad ass. Throughout this season, I have been pissed at Eli Manning when he seemed to have given up on himself. Most Giants fans know what I am talking about....that "look" of self-defeat that gets on his face, and any fan knows that when Eli looks defeated, the team is screwed. Yet, lately, Eli is confident and standing tall.

I have a theory regarding the NFL cosmos. The NFL Gods know it is time for Eli to step out of Peyton's shadow. The time has come for Eli to become his own man...not Archie Manning's son.....not Peyton Manning's little brother.....no folks, he is Eli Manning, Giants quarterback. In my opinion, between the two games the Mannings played last night, Eli and the Giants had the tougher job with a tougher team to beat.

Yes, my friends.....Eli has arrived!

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