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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Democrats fear superdelegates could overrule voters - CNN.com

I worry about this myself. I believe that superdelegates make the whole nomination process questionable. If, in fact, someone can sweep state after state and win more of the pledged delegates, the fact that some backroom deals can be made and superdelegates can put the person that was not voted by the people into the nomination will undermine the very reason why the people went out to vote in the first place. I believe if it happens this year, after having to deal with all the backroom deals that Dubya has dealt to us in the last 8 years, then the whole process will be undermined and the voters that came out in droves will be disenchanted with the whole system.

It would be a shame that with all this talk of change and with all the hope that is being invested in the campaigns, that one would falter due to the establishment.

Democrats fear superdelegates could overrule voters - CNN.com

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