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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Local blogger reports on last night's SD 48 debate

Unfortunately, I had to work last night and it seems that I missed some political action but DANGER DEMOCRAT has a good report from the debate at JCC.

Seems Barclay was looking for Aubertine to apologize for being negative when Aubertine made that Salmon River spot. He didn't get one......and was called out for starting off negative right off the bat....and it sucks for Barclay given that every bit of the Salmon River story is factual.

I don't get the mailers from either one of the campaigns, which I consider a small blessing. I don't watch a lot of local TV because I am a geek and find that when I do watch TV I watch the Discovery Channel or Ghosthunters on Scifi or old movies on AMC or Turner Classic Movies, so I have only watched a few of each campaigns tv spots. I do, however, listen to the radio when I work at night and from what I have seen and heard, Will Barclay's messages have ALWAYS been negative, right down to that self righteous sounding voice guy of his. Just like his latest radio spot...if anyone local has heard it, you know the one....the Spitzer budget...."What was Darrell Aubertine THINKING?" Sometimes I wonder who Barclay is really running against because he seems to have a bigger ax to grind with Spitzer than he does Aubertine.

I cannot take Will Barclay's spots most of the time. I have to endure them at work, but on my car radio I usually turn them down. The tone is so nasty...like that rich prick at school that used to make fun of homeless people....the kind of demeaning, condescending attitude that makes one not want even hang around someone, much less vote for them as your representative in Senate.

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