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Monday, February 18, 2008

More dirty tricks from the Barclay campaign

Well, can't say as I am surprised, and I hope that everyone can see through Will Barclay now. First he comes out of the gate with negative campaigns then cries when Aubertine calls him out in one of his ads. Then, he shakes hands on a promise to run a clean campaign and hours later releases this.

Darrell Aubertine has always had my support and I will most definitely be voting for him for State Senate. I think that he has run his campaign cleaner and with more class than Will Barclay could ever hope to.

I don't want someone like Will Barclay representing me....he doesn't stand for my ideals and he definitely doesn't show that he will keep a promise. Go back to your country club, Will....

Senate candidates agree to stop negativity at Oswego debate...but not for long - Oswego, NY - The Palladium-Times

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