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Thursday, February 21, 2008

More NYS Senate 48th District Election Nonsense

I was at work last night and had the displeasure of hearing not one, but two new Barclay ads that attack Darrell Aubertine. You will remember that on Sunday, both candidates agrees to no more negative campaigning....and you will also remember that hours later Barclay went back on his word by issuing his press release saying Aubertine could not be trusted.

Well, as I see it, Barclay is the one not to be trusted. These new Barclay radio spots feature Rep. John McHugh and Barclay's own wife. Maybe this is how Barclay is going to try to get around "the handshake".....as long as he isn't the one standing there saying it, it's all good. I wonder if when he shook Darrell's hand, he had his fingers crossed.

And what are the two new ads focused on? That damned "River Runs Through It" ad of Aubertine's. Yes, I believe that it was not the best face for Darrell to put on, but it does check out factually to what I have heard and researched. Barclay, however, came out of the gates negative and nasty and is simply trying to play the victim now...and hopefully it isn't working with the voters of the 48th District. It's a shame to see John McHugh stoop to the Barclay level.

I have to go for now, but by the end of the day I will find the two new spots from Barclay.

I think in the next few days, too, that I will find all the Barclay and Aubertine ads as a side by side comparison of who the voters can point their fingers to when they ask the question "Who started this negative campaign and why did is stay so nasty?"

**Update....that wasn't hard. I was able to find the radio spots right on Will Barclay's website.**

John McHugh stumps for Barclay

Margaret Barclay

I won't criticize Margaret because any wife would find this kind of thing difficult and she is supporting her husband, but John McHugh's spot is laughable. He talks about negative attacks on Barclay like ole Will is this pristine lamb that the big bad Democratic wolves are mauling. Please....

I can't even keep up with the ads anymore. Today, while watching TLC, I got to see the whole "Aubertine morphs into Spitzer" commercial (wish I could find it). Now I am convinced...the beef is with Spitzer. The Republicans can't stomach a Democrat as governor and are going to act like assholes because of it, as evident with the smear campaign that the Barclay camp has been doling out.

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