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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama gains momentum


I know that I have not posted much on my thoughts about the primaries since Super Tuesday, but with the news out of Tennessee and being busy with homeschool, I thought I would wait until after the Potomac Primaries to express myself.....

I am thrilled!! Barack Obama has now taken the lead in the delegate count (according to CNN) even with Clinton's 200+ superdelegates (you will all have to wait on my opinion on superdelegates...which is not good, but will send me off on a rant of monumental proportions). If he continues this momentum, I have no doubt that he will snag the nomination (that's if the superdelegates don't ruin it for him...there I go again....).

I know this sounds cliche, but I have a lot of hope invested in Obama. I want to see him win and I want to see him run this country. I believe that after 8 years of Cowboy Politics, that he can heal our relations in the world and bring back the respect we used to have. He's eloquent, he's compassionate, and I think he is a great leader. He inspires....which is something that Dubya hasn't managed to do much of.


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