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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ready for the Superbowl!!?? I am!

2008 superbowl xlii

I am ready for this game!! I have a crock pot of chili brewing, some nachos and sub sandwich makings ready and waiting, and some soda and Smirnoff's chilling in the fridge. That, along with my Giants sweatshirt that I have not washed since they won their playoff game two weeks ago, (I know that sounds gross but I am a tad superstitious)should do it.

I am ready to watch Eli Manning and the Giants hand Tom Brady and the Patriots their asses on a platter....their one loss. I know the Big Blue is stoked and I am positive that Eli will show the world that he is just as much as good a quarterback as his brother, Peyton. A little good luck charm in the form of Lt. Col. Greg Gadson doesn't hurt either.


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