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Monday, March 17, 2008

2008 North Country Goes Green Festival

I always enjoy attending the North Country Goes Green Festival and this year was no exception. The only things that were missing that was a bummer was the lady who sells the Shamrocks and the dart tournament that my honey was sort of looking forward too.

Saturday we headed up to the 11th Floor to hear BarleyJuice play. What a great treat that was. My only regret was that I didn't get to hear them longer because the floor was 21 and over and I had to check on my kids downstairs. BarleyJuice was loud, they were rowdy, they were fun....just perfect for a band at an Irish Festival. I'll tell you...the room was packed. We headed downstairs to join the boys and listened to The Tartan Special, watching some the ones who might have partaked too much of the available spirits dance. We ended the evening talking for a while to Connie, owner of the Handmaiden's Garden in Sacket's Harbor. We had a great conversation on a variety of things, including homeschooling and the history of her business. She had some really excellent and unique soaps and my honey picked up some of her all natural lip balm! I highly recommend checking out her store if one is in the Sacket's Harbor area!

Sunday was Family Day and we headed over to watch the fabulous dancers from the Johnston School of Irish Dance. It's always exciting to see them perform. Apparently, one of their dancers, Merry Jo Devine, is heading to Dublin for the World Tournament. By having seen her dance, I can see why! Good Luck, Merry Jo!

Proceeds from the North Country Goes Green Festivals go towards a program called Project Children. More information on this can be found at www.projectchildrenni.com/welcome.htm.

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