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Monday, March 24, 2008

Moveon.org Petition

I don't watch Fox because I think they are too biased. With the likes of Bill O'Reilly and the group there that calls themselves journalists, their "fair and balanced" reporting is anything but. Seeing as I don't watch Fox, I had not noticed the smear campaign that they were undertaking against Barack Obama. The clip from the petition page that I am embedding in this post will show a sampling of the foulness that Fox is presenting, starting with Julie Banderas referring to Obama as a "Halfrican" through Bill O'Reilly talking about Jeremiah Wright while Louis Farrakhan is showing on the screen, through Anne Coulter repeating "Barack Hussain Obama" to emphasize his middle name, and ending with whoever it is saying Obama sounds like Hitler while soundbites of Obama and Hilter play in the background. It's disgusting and it is wrong.......

But guess what? As Moveon.org states, the Fox virus is spreading. Seems the other news outlets continue this nefarious activity by creeping down to Fox's level by reporting these stories on their news shows, thus spreading the smear campaign.

This needs to stop. Now, before anyone tries to comment to me saying "You wouldn't be so pissed if they were saying this stuff about McCain!", let me tell you, I would. This is why...I don't believe that the mass media should pick or destroy a candidate. McCain has had his own negative publicity from the spewings of Rush, Ann Coulter, and Glenn Beck. I don't believe in smear campaigns and I sure don't believe in smear campaigns funded by the media outlets, not against Obama....not against anyone.

The petiton can be found at Moveon.org.

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