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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Protesters turn out for war's anniversary - Los Angeles Times

no war
Protesters turn out for war's anniversary - Los Angeles Times

I don't like to call things like this anniversaries. Anniversaries to me are supposed to be happy events, causes for celebration. This is not an anniversary, it's a travesty.

Five years of war....a war that looks like there is no end to.

Over 3000 thousand troops have died in this war. The official wounded count is over 29,000. Many are coming home broken and disillusioned. Trillions of dollars are pumped into the war machine.....

and Bush says it's all worth it.

I stood on Watertown's Public Square with other likeminded people 5 years ago speaking out against the War that came. I saw my honey (who wasn't my honey then, just my friend) go to and come back from war, a little different then he was when he left. Thank goodness he is out of the military, because I couldn't bear him going again. I stopped standing on the Square with my signs...not because I didn't care, not because I eventually believed in the War, I stopped standing there because it didn't seem like anyone would listen.....not our President, not the chickhawks that call for war, but don't want to fight it, not even my own Senator Clinton. I still don't believe they are listening.

The time is long past due for our troops to come home. This has gone on long enough. War is NOT the answer.

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