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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sexualization of young girls can spark insecurity, perfectionism, experts say

Sexualization of young girls can spark insecurity, perfectionism, experts say

I was reading articles on Stephanie Kuleba, the 18 year old Boca Raton cheerleader that died as a result of an adverse reaction to anesthesia while under going breast surgery, and found this other article about how society in general is partly responsible for the sexualization of young girls.

Now I have posted on this topic before. Way back in 2005 or so, I posted on my old Bravenet journal about my disgust over the Bratz Babies line of dolls and back at Halloween I posted my thoughts on young girls wearing sexy costumes (which was pulled because I was getting hits from around the world for "sexy young girl" from perverts looking for such), so it is not a new concern of mine.

But this situation hit me in a whole new different way. To see a young woman, with so much promise, subject herself to that kind of surgery all in the pursuit of perfection, is disturbing. Even if she had lived through the surgery, it would be disturbing. Why can't we as women embrace ourselves for what we are? Why can't we be happy with what is on the inside, so the outside doesn't affect us as much?

What messages are we sending our girls? That perfection is everything? That being sexy is cool? That you are only worth something if you have a man? Why aren't we telling them the other things like playing sports....now that is cool! How about that being smart doesn't make you a geek or that, if seen the right way, it is the imperfections that make us beautiful.

We as parents need to stop this message getting to our girls. Please let them be children for as long as they can, treat them with respect, and don't focus so much on what is wrong with them. I am sure that with in the drama script of a teenage girl (trust me, been one) that the bellow of "You are ruining my life!!" will come out. Just smile and go on your happy way knowing that not only did you NOT ruin her life, you might be saving it.

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