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Thursday, April 17, 2008

General what's going on in my world post

Wow...it's been a few days since I last posted, isn't it? There are so many things I can post about today....I could post about the continued drama of Obama and Hillary.....hmmm, I could post about the climb of gas prices....maybe some more on the ever present fiasco that is Iraq (but don't say that to the President, you know to him, it's a success). No, I think I will post about good things.....

Like how completely AWESOME the weather has been here this week. The kids and I are on Spring Break from homeschooling and we have been enjoying the beautiful North Country spring weather. The temperatures have been in the 60's and there is rumor of it hitting 70 soon! This is an actual treat for us North Country residents as we have a looooonnnngggg winter that usually starts in October / November and lasts right up til April / May. My first year here, it snowed on Mother's Day and I usually don't put out my seedlings until after Memorial Day because frost is still an issue. I have seen a many Spring Break period where it is too cold to enjoy it.

But, wow.....it is beautiful! There are North Country-ites out in droves. People on their bikes, going for walks, enjoying the sun, going to the park....all of us jonesing for the sun and the warmth. Spring Fever has embraced the North Country.

My man and I bought some kites and tried them out at Thompson Park. Not bad for $5 Big Lots kites!! A few days later, I took the boys to the Park to fly them and shot some photos of them as they flew them.

I tried to snap a few while I flew them too with some success.

I am also thrilled to say that the woods across the street from me are finally clear of most of the snow and the trails are now clearly visible so the kids and I have been mulling around in the woods looking for signs of spring and critters moving about. Last night all of us went out on the trails to check out the seasonal stream that runs through it (it is dry as a bone in the Summer and Fall, but when the snows melt and the Black River rises, it fills right up). I snapped this photos of my guys as they were checking it out. The cool thing is that this wasn't even a staged shot....that is just how they lined up at the stream. They made it easy for me, didn't they?

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