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Monday, April 28, 2008

Why is this the big news of the day?!

Revealing Photo Threatens a Major Disney Franchise - New York Times

I think the thing that stands out the most in this article is Linn Buress posting on her "Telling It Like It Is" to burn Hannah Montana merchandise. Of course, I wanted to see this whole post in context, and it gets a little worse, especially when the writer suggests that Miley is on the path of trampdom, like other Disney starlets.

It's amazing what makes news anymore. I have seen ten times worse and the media is focused on an artsy photo of Miley Cyrus. It's like they are frothing at the mouth waiting for her star to fall so they can document her train wreck in gory detail.

We need to get real, people. This is NOT news. It's a distraction. Have you noticed that we have lost 40 of our troops in Iraq this month? Did you notice that the price of a barrel of crude oil is now $120 and the average price of regular unleaded is $3.60 per gallon (up here in the North Country, last I checked it was $3.78). Have you noticed that the economy is in a recession, even though Dubya won't admit it? How about how many people in this country don't have health insurance?

Yes, I know that I am sounding a little preachy, but you know what? I am tired of this kind of stuff making the top stories and I am tired of a media that tries to shield us from what is real.

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