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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dear Karen Montague-Reyes.......

I like your comic "Clear Blue Water".....I really do. I like the political humor and the storyline about Seth, the couple's son with autism. I like how you bring a variety of characters to the scene. Sometimes I don't agree with your stances on some issues, but I make it a habit to read your comic every day.

Since May 3rd, however, you have been working this storyline where you have been drawing the characters differently and with more detail. All well and good. At first I was excited by the change, but as the weeks have moved on, and the characters keep going on and on and ON about their new looks, I find that I am getting tired of the strip. I mean so far we are on day 19 of watching Eve and Manny talk about how they look. It seems a bit superficial, especially when some of your strips showed Eve going on strike because her old looks were reinstated (although the Jabba the Hut one on May 20th was pretty funny).

Please get back to the strip and the issues that I enjoy so much. I have been reading your strip since it's first day and I miss it.

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