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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A stunning observation!

My youngest son loves Pop Tarts for breakfast. I was never quite right with it, because it seems to me that you could hand a child a cookie or a piece of cake and they would get as much nutrition out of it, but I will admit, that I was guilty of buying Pop Tarts every week because it was the one thing that I knew he would eat. I offer him other choices and sometimes he takes them, but ususally, he gravitates to his old standby of Pop Tarts and chocolate milk.

I am also guilty of another thing....I never check a nutrition label of a Chocolate Fudge PopTart until this morning when he wanted another package of them. For anyone not familiar with how these are packaged, they come in foil wrapped twofers. When I looked at the label today, I was stunned!! One pastry is 200 calories, with 5 g of fat and 37 g of carbohydrates (20 g of it sugar!). That's ONE pastry.....these things are wrapped with two, so double all that and that is what my son is eating for breakfast and that is not counting the chocolate milk, which is probably more nutritious if truth be known.

I am totally disgusted. Now I could go on a tirade about why Kellogg's would even make something that obviously isn't helping the state of our children's health, but that would be passing the buck. I am mad at myself for not paying attention and trusting something off the shelf without the research.

Now I know and I will have to make changes, either limiting the Poptarts or trying to phase them out all together. We'll see how that goes......

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