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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Watertown Daily Times | Carthage budget, board repudiated

Watertown Daily Times Carthage budget, board repudiated

Posting this a day late but I was glad to see the voter turnout for the Carthage School budget. I was there at about 1:30pm and there was three long lines and a wait to get in the vote. This is a far cry from past years when one could breeze in and out, only stopping to sign it.

I am glad to see the budget voted down. Not so happy to see the library proposition not pass though. I voted against the budget and the bus proposition. I believe that Carthage could make a better decision by using the buses they do have more efficiently, like consolidating routes or actually filling them (many people from around the district have observed buses half full).

I was also thrilled to see the addition of Mary Louise Hunt to the Board of Education. She was my son's teacher at Black River Elementary and has been teaching for 35 years. She is a great teacher and a great fighter for her students, such as she was for my son at Commitee on Special Education meetings. She is also a phenomenal person. She retires from teaching this year, but it looks like she will be quite busy between the BOE and the Black River Library!!

She is one of three newcomers that ousted three incumbents on the school board. I guess the people have spoken. Hopefully, Carl Militello and John Peck will take notice.

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