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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Letter to the Editor

I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Watertown Daily Times regarding the latest string of ads from the McCain campaign. I also sent it to a few papers a little outside the Watertown area and a few national papers. Should it not make it though, I will print it here.

Dirty Politics from the McCain campaign
Over the course of the past couple of days, I have seen the dirty politics of the McCain campaign. Using the same "swift boating" attacks that hurt John Kerry in 2004 and his own campaign in 2000, John McCain is using half-truths and dow nright lies to stall the momentum of the Obama campaign. Just in the course of the last few days I have seen his "Maverick" ad that suggests that Sarah Palin said no to the Bridge to Nowhere, even though in the beginning, she was definitely for it. I have seen his ad that suggests that Barack Obama is for comprehensive sex-education for kindergartners when in fact it was age appropriate education meant to protect children from predators. Now, as I was flipping through channels, I see that the McCain campaign has an ad suggesting that Obama is a sexist because he used a phrase that John McCain himself used just last year. Might I add that he put this out the night before both candidates took a day off of campaigning in honor of 9-11.
Frankly, I expected better of John McCain. What I fear the most is that the public will eat this all up, just as they did the ludicrous book by Jerome Corsi named Obama Nation, another example of half-truths and lies. This book made the Best Seller List!
I implore everyone to do their own research. Don't base your vote on 30 second soundbites that may or may not be true. Be an informed voter that actually looks at the positions on the issues of both candidates. Don't be swayed by dirty politics, no matter what side is doing it. Enough is enough!

So we will see if it makes it or not. I suggest that anyone that isn't sure who is telling the truth to check out www.factcheck.org. They are pretty balanced there, calling out anyone, Republican or Democrat, that isn't getting their facts straight or are stretching the truth. And yes, before anyone comments to me with "hey, your man is there, too", I will just let you know that I KNOW that. I wish to help everyone become better informed in this election.

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