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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Commentary: Stop the negative campaigning - CNN.com

Commentary: Stop the negative campaigning - CNN.com

I agree with the commentator in this piece because I too do not want to see the next month degenerate into a mud wrestling contest. I don't want to see Barack Obama lower himself to the McCain / Palin level. I want to see Obama be the bigger person. On a personal level, though, do any of us take a slam against us silently. I know my own personality, being an Irish blooded woman, I tend to fight the fight well beyond it's limit and if I feel insulted or dissed in anyway, watch out, because I will do all in my power to prove that I am right and you are wrong. It isn't one of my best qualities, I admit, and I am sure there are quite a few others that share this trait with me.

On similar topic, my friend Ted over at Danger Democrat, was musing about how the negative campaigning of the McCain / Palin campaign brought itself right to his own front door. I am deeply disturbed by what these attacks will do to Obama and pray that people will see right through this.

I am getting quite sick of this "Six Degrees of Barack Obama" game that the GOP and McCain / Palin are playing by trying to tie Obama to the likes of Ayers, Farrakhan, Flager, and the scores of others they are trying to connect Obama to in order to scare the American voters. What about the issues....what about what's really important?

Do some voters actually believe that Obama is going to get elected and have a Black Panther Party for an inauguration ball? Do they actually think that right after Obama swears his oath he is going to go to the mic and say "Let me introduce the new Secretary of State, Osama Bin Laden?" I mean, come on, people! Let's get real! If there are people out there that truly believe this bullshit, then I suppose the tactics of the McCain campaign will work. Hopefully there is more than half of us out there that care enough to do the research and find the truth.

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