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Friday, October 03, 2008

Debate Watching Parties at All Souls

This is the first time in a while that I have been able to post a complete post. Being that I homeschool during the day and work three nights a week, I fear that I am not getting here as much as I want, but not that I am here, let me tell you all about the Debate Watching Parties that we are having at All Souls Church, as well as my thoughts on the debates so far.

The first Debate Watch Party brought about 10 people, including Sean Hennessey, the Jefferson County Democratic Chairman, a representative of Blue Star Families for Obama, and a reporter from Channel 7 news. Unfortunately for the reporter from Channel 7, the whole audience was for Obama, save for one attendee that was undecided. She was looking for more undecideds to see if the debate helped them decide, not a room full of Obama supporters that already had their minds made up. All in all, it was a great Debate Watch....lots of discussion about the economy and the race. As for the debate itself, I have to say that each held their own with each other. I was hoping that Obama would have been a little stronger, a little more aggressive, but we still have two more debates to go. Body language wise, you can tell there was no love lost between the two, with Jim Lehrer almost insisting that they look at each other, and McCain only following through on that for about 2 seconds of the debate.

Last night's Vice Presidential Debate only brought 6 people but it was still great to sit down and watch the Debate with others. One reason for the lower turnout may have been the Aubertine-Renzi debates in Oswego. One person said he thought Sarah Palin won while another stated that Biden won. I personally thought that Sarah Palin held her own, she definitely did her homework, but still came short of Joe Biden. I tend to agree with a sentiment that I heard and it was that she won in the sense that she didn't do any more harm.

So now we are coming up on the next debate on Tuesday and I will be right back at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church at 1330 Gotham Street in Watertown. Come and check it out. It's one thing to watch the debates at home, but it's really cool to be able to watch them and discuss them with others!!

UPDATE 10/3/08- I think I may have been confusing with my comments on Sarah Palin. Let it be known that I did not think she won the debate. Here is a comment I got from a reader named rosie and my response.

Rosey said...
I am so sick of reading that Palin "held her own" or changed her duh image. She was a tape recording! - speaking exactly how she had been coached except she messed up and answered four questions with the same answers. How about changing the Constitution giving the VP MORE power?
3:43 PM
Peacepoet said...
Don't get me wrong, Rosie. I know that she was reading the script that she was given. I know that she was only saying what she was coached. Those who were at the Debate Watch Party saw right through that. What I am meaning is in the eyes of many people, she didn't come off as incoherent as she did with the Couric interviews. She didn't by no means clobber Biden and Biden definitely came off as more experienced and educated. Her "you betcha"s and "joe six pack" comments were cringe worthy at best and her accusing Biden of always going backward was hypocritical at best. I sure don't think her performance is going to sway anyone that is going to vote for Obama anyway and I am not sure it is going to make the undecideds go McCain's way.
10:52 PM
As far as the question about the Constitution, I do find it dangerous that anyone Vice Prez would want to redefine the Constitution for more power. The fact that Sarah Palin agrees with Dick Cheney is disturbing at best. Biden's comment about Dick Cheney being the most dangerous VP in history was right on!

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