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Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Conservatives See Race In Powell's Obama Endorsement

Amazing how these same people were probably singing his praises when he was making Bush's case for WMD's or supporting Dubya for President. So I suppose this conservatives are trying to take away all the respect that he has rightly deserved because he *GASP* supported the black candidate.

Some Conservatives See Race In Powell's Obama Endorsement

Bull crap....Colin Powell is endorsing Barack Obama because he believes, with ALL HIS EXPERIENCE, that Obama can change this country and heal it. He called Obama a ""transformational figure." Of all people, I would trust that Colin Powell knows what this country needs.

I am going to paraphrase something I heard on the news yesterday. This is not an endorsement due to racial solidarity. It is a choice based on what is needed for this country. If Powell was all for racial solidarity, he definitely would not be a Republican, which as a very thin African-American presence.

Guess what, Senator McCain. I think you have been owned!
Colin Powell just owned your @$$ Pictures, Images and Photos

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