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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If you wish to help with local campaigns today...

After playing a little bit of phone tag, starting with Ted at Danger Democrat, I have some phone number for our local campaigns.

According to Emmett at the Aubertine campaign, they are looking for people to do some visibility for Aubertine, such as putting out signs and standing at intersections with signs. Aubertine campaign headquarters are behind the Marcy Building in Watertown and the phone number there is 788-4024.

The Addie Jenne Russell campaign is looking for people to canvass and phone bank. Their headquarters are at 95 Public Square, Suite 206 in Watertown and the number there is 777-4900.

I have no Watertown area address for the Mike Oot campaign, but their number is 315-420-6776, if you want to call and see what that campaign needs.

Take care all!!! The kids and I are off soon to help with the local campaigns and maybe I can do some visibility for Obama while I am at it!!

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