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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Congrats to our new (Democrat) State Senator!!

I got in around 11:45pm last night, having come in late from the Aubertine headquarters at the Italian American Club. We hadn't originally planned on going but since we were right down the road at the Fairgrounds and got done eating at 8:30pm, we decided to stop in and watch the results come in with everyone else. I got to see some old friends and got celebrate the victory of Darrel Aubertine winning the 48th District Senate seat with everyone else. There was a charge in the air that can only come with having won a battle that no one thought could be won. What a night it was and what a victory!

Since I didn't originally plan on attending, I didn't bring my camera, but I am sure some of the other local bloggers that talk politics will have their own photos of last night's festivities and I will link to them when they are up.

Congratulations, Senator Aubertine!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Darrel officially has my vote now!

I voted at the former Great Bend Elementary School around 10am this morning. Since I homeschool, I used this as a learning experience for my kids by taking them into the booth with me and watching as I voted. I explained to them why I voted for Darrel Aubertine under the Working Families Party (to further a third party and because my Independent line was otherwise occupied with a candidate I did not want to vote for.) All in all, it was a smooth voting experience as always. I was voter number 48 so I hope more come out at lunch time and after work!
Take care all and vote!

Obama Crazies

Saw this Ann Telnaes cartoon and thought it was a hoot!

NY Senate District 48 Election Today...Get out and vote!! (Do so early...it's gonna snow!)

Well, the day has finally come. Today is the day that we put a new man in the SD-48 seat. I haven't kept it a secret that my vote is going to Darrel Aubertine, but whoever is your candidate, it is important that you get out and vote! The polls show that this is too close to call so your vote might make the difference. Do so early though....the National Weather Service is calling for snow!

This feels like it has been a long, drawn out affair, hasn't it? With the commercials and mailings and radio spots....right down to the drama over the Independent line on the ballot (Danger Democrat, local blogger, discussed this, if one is so inclined to read up on it). I am just glad it will be over soon and I don't have to hear those Barclay ads anymore!

Polls open at 6am and close at 9pm....don't miss your chance!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

More NYS Senate 48th District Election Nonsense

I was at work last night and had the displeasure of hearing not one, but two new Barclay ads that attack Darrell Aubertine. You will remember that on Sunday, both candidates agrees to no more negative campaigning....and you will also remember that hours later Barclay went back on his word by issuing his press release saying Aubertine could not be trusted.

Well, as I see it, Barclay is the one not to be trusted. These new Barclay radio spots feature Rep. John McHugh and Barclay's own wife. Maybe this is how Barclay is going to try to get around "the handshake".....as long as he isn't the one standing there saying it, it's all good. I wonder if when he shook Darrell's hand, he had his fingers crossed.

And what are the two new ads focused on? That damned "River Runs Through It" ad of Aubertine's. Yes, I believe that it was not the best face for Darrell to put on, but it does check out factually to what I have heard and researched. Barclay, however, came out of the gates negative and nasty and is simply trying to play the victim now...and hopefully it isn't working with the voters of the 48th District. It's a shame to see John McHugh stoop to the Barclay level.

I have to go for now, but by the end of the day I will find the two new spots from Barclay.

I think in the next few days, too, that I will find all the Barclay and Aubertine ads as a side by side comparison of who the voters can point their fingers to when they ask the question "Who started this negative campaign and why did is stay so nasty?"

**Update....that wasn't hard. I was able to find the radio spots right on Will Barclay's website.**

John McHugh stumps for Barclay

Margaret Barclay

I won't criticize Margaret because any wife would find this kind of thing difficult and she is supporting her husband, but John McHugh's spot is laughable. He talks about negative attacks on Barclay like ole Will is this pristine lamb that the big bad Democratic wolves are mauling. Please....

I can't even keep up with the ads anymore. Today, while watching TLC, I got to see the whole "Aubertine morphs into Spitzer" commercial (wish I could find it). Now I am convinced...the beef is with Spitzer. The Republicans can't stomach a Democrat as governor and are going to act like assholes because of it, as evident with the smear campaign that the Barclay camp has been doling out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Clinton camp hits Obama again on copying « - Blogs from CNN.com

Please give me a break, Hillary. You grasping at straws now. To try to take away Barack Obama's orator skills due to a few comments is as desperate as your Kindergarten cop act. Shall we go through every speech you have made and see if you have ever used a line....or would that undermine your underhanded scheme to discredit him?

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - Clinton camp hits Obama again on copying « - Blogs from CNN.com

Monday, February 18, 2008

More dirty tricks from the Barclay campaign

Well, can't say as I am surprised, and I hope that everyone can see through Will Barclay now. First he comes out of the gate with negative campaigns then cries when Aubertine calls him out in one of his ads. Then, he shakes hands on a promise to run a clean campaign and hours later releases this.

Darrell Aubertine has always had my support and I will most definitely be voting for him for State Senate. I think that he has run his campaign cleaner and with more class than Will Barclay could ever hope to.

I don't want someone like Will Barclay representing me....he doesn't stand for my ideals and he definitely doesn't show that he will keep a promise. Go back to your country club, Will....

Senate candidates agree to stop negativity at Oswego debate...but not for long - Oswego, NY - The Palladium-Times

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Patriots, Belichick Sued For 2002 Super Bowl

I don't think this will go very far, but it's nice to see Bill Belichick's karma coming back to bite him in the ass.

wbztv.com - Patriots, Belichick Sued For 2002 Super Bowl

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Democrats fear superdelegates could overrule voters - CNN.com

I worry about this myself. I believe that superdelegates make the whole nomination process questionable. If, in fact, someone can sweep state after state and win more of the pledged delegates, the fact that some backroom deals can be made and superdelegates can put the person that was not voted by the people into the nomination will undermine the very reason why the people went out to vote in the first place. I believe if it happens this year, after having to deal with all the backroom deals that Dubya has dealt to us in the last 8 years, then the whole process will be undermined and the voters that came out in droves will be disenchanted with the whole system.

It would be a shame that with all this talk of change and with all the hope that is being invested in the campaigns, that one would falter due to the establishment.

Democrats fear superdelegates could overrule voters - CNN.com

Barack Obama Urban Legends

I thought I would link to this page because I grow tired of listening to people spout off these ridiculous urban legends regarding Barack Obama. Many of these rumors stem from ignorance to downright bigotry. So in my attempt to educate those that believe this drivel, I bring to you Snopes.com.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Search Engine

Local blogger reports on last night's SD 48 debate

Unfortunately, I had to work last night and it seems that I missed some political action but DANGER DEMOCRAT has a good report from the debate at JCC.

Seems Barclay was looking for Aubertine to apologize for being negative when Aubertine made that Salmon River spot. He didn't get one......and was called out for starting off negative right off the bat....and it sucks for Barclay given that every bit of the Salmon River story is factual.

I don't get the mailers from either one of the campaigns, which I consider a small blessing. I don't watch a lot of local TV because I am a geek and find that when I do watch TV I watch the Discovery Channel or Ghosthunters on Scifi or old movies on AMC or Turner Classic Movies, so I have only watched a few of each campaigns tv spots. I do, however, listen to the radio when I work at night and from what I have seen and heard, Will Barclay's messages have ALWAYS been negative, right down to that self righteous sounding voice guy of his. Just like his latest radio spot...if anyone local has heard it, you know the one....the Spitzer budget...."What was Darrell Aubertine THINKING?" Sometimes I wonder who Barclay is really running against because he seems to have a bigger ax to grind with Spitzer than he does Aubertine.

I cannot take Will Barclay's spots most of the time. I have to endure them at work, but on my car radio I usually turn them down. The tone is so nasty...like that rich prick at school that used to make fun of homeless people....the kind of demeaning, condescending attitude that makes one not want even hang around someone, much less vote for them as your representative in Senate.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama gains momentum


I know that I have not posted much on my thoughts about the primaries since Super Tuesday, but with the news out of Tennessee and being busy with homeschool, I thought I would wait until after the Potomac Primaries to express myself.....

I am thrilled!! Barack Obama has now taken the lead in the delegate count (according to CNN) even with Clinton's 200+ superdelegates (you will all have to wait on my opinion on superdelegates...which is not good, but will send me off on a rant of monumental proportions). If he continues this momentum, I have no doubt that he will snag the nomination (that's if the superdelegates don't ruin it for him...there I go again....).

I know this sounds cliche, but I have a lot of hope invested in Obama. I want to see him win and I want to see him run this country. I believe that after 8 years of Cowboy Politics, that he can heal our relations in the world and bring back the respect we used to have. He's eloquent, he's compassionate, and I think he is a great leader. He inspires....which is something that Dubya hasn't managed to do much of.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Picture of devastation

I was reading the news reports of President Bush's visit to Lafayette, TN and when I saw this photo, it made me cry. It's a photo of Lafayette taken from the sky. Now I have been reading the news reports of how bad it was, but my mind just didn't understand until I saw this photo. It's like something out of a nightmare and my heart grieves for this town, this community, this county. If you ever have lived in rural Tennessee, it touches your heart in a way you cannot explain...to see it hurt like this is heartbreaking.

Friday, February 08, 2008

My Way News - Baby a Sign of Hope in Devastated South

My Way News - Baby a Sign of Hope in Devastated South

I hope this beautiful little boy can be the sign these communities need to rebuild and heal. Having lived in Macon County / Smith County region, I know that the faith these people have is strong and they will turn to that to get them through. They are also resilient and have a sense of small town community. Not one person is really alone there in a time like this, because I believe that when events like this happen in the community, the best of it comes out. It reminds me of this Country's patriotism and desire to help after 9-11.

Continued prayers to Middle Tennessee and the others affect by this disaster.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Donate Online - Nashville Area Red Cross

Donate Online - Nashville Area Red Cross

I have provided a link to the Nashville Area Red Cross. I talked to Roger at the Sumner County Office and he says that they will be providing at least a million dollars in assistance to this area that was one of the hardest hit. They cannot accept clothing and food, but online monetary donations will help them immensely.

On the donation form, there is a box to be checked if all of the donation is to go to the Tennessee Tornado Fund.

Thanks to anyone that can help!

Twisters catch residents off-guard -- chicagotribune.com

Twisters catch residents off-guard -- chicagotribune.com

These stories out of Lafayette, TN are important to me because I once lived there. In fact, my mother still lives a hop, skip, and a jump from it just over the Macon / Smith County border. It was the very first house that I could call mine, my husband at the time and I bought a pretty little 4 bedroom house with white siding and black shutters right on Main Street. We brought our son home to that house over 15 years ago. I knew my neighbors for Lafayette has a very "Mayberry" feel to it. It makes my heart hurt to know that this kind of devastation hit this town.

My thoughts go out to the residents of Lafayette and Macon County, TN. I will keep a candle lit for you all.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How sweet it is!

Living the Dream!!

Super Tuesday!!


Today is Super Tuesday in 24 states, NY being one of them. The polls open here at 12pm and close at 9pm. Regardless of what party or who you vote for, please get out and vote. I know some think that primaries don't matter, but this one does. We live in a great country where we, the people, have a say so (more or less) in who is our nominee and who runs our country. Don't throw that right away! If you can vote in this primary, make sure you do so!!

Yes...how sweet it was!!

The San Francisco Gate calls Mannings 4th quarter pass to Tyree one of the great plays of all time. Yes, it was, my friends....yes, indeed it was!

SF Gate: Multimedia (image)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

ESPN - Eli, monster defense power Giants to shocking Super Bowl victory - NFL Football Recap

OH, yeah, BABY!!! That's is what I am TALKING about!! Great job, Big Blue!!

ESPN - Eli, monster defense power Giants to shocking Super Bowl victory - NFL Football Recap


Ready for the Superbowl!!?? I am!

2008 superbowl xlii

I am ready for this game!! I have a crock pot of chili brewing, some nachos and sub sandwich makings ready and waiting, and some soda and Smirnoff's chilling in the fridge. That, along with my Giants sweatshirt that I have not washed since they won their playoff game two weeks ago, (I know that sounds gross but I am a tad superstitious)should do it.

I am ready to watch Eli Manning and the Giants hand Tom Brady and the Patriots their asses on a platter....their one loss. I know the Big Blue is stoked and I am positive that Eli will show the world that he is just as much as good a quarterback as his brother, Peyton. A little good luck charm in the form of Lt. Col. Greg Gadson doesn't hurt either.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Newzjunky.com :: Wiliam A. Barclay For State Senate

Newzjunky.com :: William A. Barclay For State Senate

Oh, look! A year ago some idiot Dems in Long Island used a dirty trick....so I, William Barclay, am going to use another dirty trick by bringing it up again so I can, in a sense, make Darrell Aubertine look bad.

I hope Darrell kicks the pants off him!