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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Biggest Loser - Goodbye Sean and Antoine

I am SOOO going to miss Sean and I am so pissed at Tracy. Sean was all sweetness and light and Tracy has proved herself to be a power hungry, conniving troll. Both Sean and Antoine about made me cry with their sacrifice for Shaye. I just hope she proves worthy of their good heartedness.

Having never watched this show before, I was thrown by the head games that are played. It seems to me that considering that most of the crew is morbidly obese and should just be focusing on getting healthy, giving them options like dissing their trainers and offering cupcakes to gain power but it did give one of the funniest quotes I have ever heard, from dear Sean....

''In my brain, I was like in the Bahamas sipping cupcakes. I wanted to rub cupcakes all over my body.''


But on the brightside, both Antione and Sean look great! Sean has lost 120 pounds and Antoine has lost 105 pounds since leaving the House. I can't wait to see how they look at the finale.

And a little extra, extra...Sean has a new baby girl and Antoine has a love life courtesy of Week 1's Alexandra. I knew it was Antione as soon as Alexandra said she was in love with someone in the house. Ok...I knew it was either Antoine or Daniel, but Antoine seemed a better match.

All I can say is I hope Tracy goes DOWN!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Homes for Troops - SFC Roy Mitchell - Carthage, NY

From Homes for Our Troops...

SFC Roy Mitchell was serving in Afghanistan when was severely injured on November 23, 2003. He was riding in a regular Humvee that was not equipped with up-armored modifications with 11 other soldiers and embedded reporters. On the day before Thanksgiving in 2003, on his second deployment to Afghanistan, the vehicle he was riding in hit an anti-tank mine along the Pakistani border.

The insurgents had armed the device to detonate on the third strike, and Mitchell was in the third vehicle to run over it.

Right now, Roy currently lives on post housing with his wife and children. Help us build them a home that will accommodate his needs and enable him and his family to concentrate on recovery and their future.

Please consider donating supplies or labor or making a monetary donation!

Friday, September 25, 2009

One week post op

Well, it's been exactly one week since I had my gallbladder out and I can honestly say I feel pretty good. On Monday, Larry and I ventured out to the Burrville Cider Mill and to the store which ended up tiring me out a bit. I went back to work on Tuesday, but left early because the more I moved, the more I ached.

Tuesday and Wednesday was a little rough as all my incisions, inside and out, were healing which made everything in my abdominal area feel tight.

This morning I woke up feeling just a little bit of tugging in my ab area, but otherwise felt quite well. I mean I still have to heal and get used to eating whole meals again, but other than that I haven't had any of the horror stories I read on the Net.

I go to my post op appointment on Wednesday and they will remove the steristrips, which I can't wait for...they are itchy as hell sometimes.

Have a great weekend all!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Giant's Ruin the Party!

Tony Romo cost the Dallas Cowboys with questionable decisions - Don Banks - SI.com

If anyone watched this game last night, you were not disappointed....well, unless you were a Cowboys fan. The Giant's defense was stellar and Eli Manning was on fire, most of the time. I also think we have some new stars in Mario Manningham and Steve Smith. 10 passes caught a piece! Both bringing in a touchdown!

It just goes to show you. Jerry can build a building worthy of Vegas...he can have cage dancers along with his cheerleaders....he can have 7 story screens and the former President come to his game to flip the coin, but it doesn't mean you are going to neccessarily win....


Saturday, September 19, 2009

After Gallbladder Surgery - So far, so good

Yesterday at around 1pm I had gallbladder surgery, or in medical terms, a Laparoscopic cholecystectomy. This surgery happened because 3 months ago I had a gallbladder attack that sent me to the emergency room. Now I already knew that I had gallstones as when I had my appendectomy in 2007, the doctor said that I had gallstones but since I was asymptomatic, he chose not to remove it as I would already be recovering from an open appendectomy. Even before I knew I had gallstones I did have what I called "my weird stomach aches" under my rib cage after my second son was born so I am sure that I have been dealing with this for years.

I walked into ambulatory as calm as I could be, but once I was in my gown and had my I.V. set up, I started to get nervous so after the anesthesiologist came in, they gave me a sedative, or as Dr. Gosslin, my surgeon called it, the happy juice. I don't know what it was, but it was some good stuff. The only thing was that I was so sedated and happy, I forgot to ask Dr. Gosslin if I could keep the stones to look at later. Oh well!

It's all kind of a blur after that as it's in bits and pieces. I must have fell asleep because the next thing I remember I am in the hall going towards the operating room but had to quickly turn around to reach out for Larry. Then I was in the OR and they were asking me to move to the other bed. They said I would have a little pain as they put in my anesthesia (which I later found out was propofol, the same stuff Michael Jackson OD'ed on). They weren't kidding. That stuff HURT...the second time it stung me I started to whimper, but the OR nurse put a mask over my face and said, "It's ok...breathe deep...you won't feel anymore.....". I am guessing she said pain because I was out that fast.

Next thing I know, the recovery nurse is waking me telling me it's all over and I went, "Huh?" I thought I was still getting ready. So much for my fear of being aware during surgery. The breathing tube left my throat a little sore and swollen feeling and I got a nasty case of the shakes that were brought under control by Demerol, sweet Demerol. I say that because honestly I think coming out of the anesthesia was the worst part of the surgery. Those shakes were a bitch.

I remember that the clock on the wall said 2:35pm when I came out of the anesthesia. I got up, sat on a recliner, drank some ginger ale, slept some because I was still groggy, and went to the bathroom. I was asked if I wanted to change into my clothes, which I did. The nurses asked if was ok, that they didn't want me to feel rushed and I didn't. I just wanted to get home. I was back in my chair at home by 5:00pm.

Everything is great so far. I had some toast and some chicken broth with crackers. I also had a couple cups of tea and some Sprite. I haven't had to take one pain pill and I slept fairly good last night. I am a little sore right now and my throat hurts from the anesthesia, but I am surprised at how good I feel.

Some things I highly recommend for anyone getting this surgery....

1. If you have time before your surgery, try to keep your gallbladder under control with low fat foods and lots of fluids. No high fat or fried foods as it only inflames the gallbladder. If it's not inflamed, it lessens the chance of complications.

2. Get up and move as soon as you can, but don't overdo it. This advice was given to my by the preop nurse. The quicker you get up, the less the gas pain of when they inflated your belly is. I got up quite a bit yesterday and let out quite a few unladylike belches, but at least I didn't have some of those grueling gas bubble pains I read about.

I have ended this post with a picture of my incisions. If you are queasy or don't want to see a hellacious case of stretch marks, feel free to quickly scroll past it. I am just posting it for anyone getting this surgery to know what is expected.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Biggest Loser - Second Chances

I watched Biggest Loser for the first time ever and I am already hooked. I know that with all reality shows, a lot is created with editing, but this has to be the most "real" reality show I have ever seen. I mean, you can't fake how much these people need help and you can't fake what they have all gone through. One woman lost her entire family in a car accident, one lived on the streets with her drug addicted mother, one is a father that doesn't want to die should his kids be too young to remember him. Pretty real stuff.

Actually, the three I described are the three I am rooting for. Abby lost her husband, 5 year old daughter, and 18 day old son three years ago when someone driving at high speed drifted over into the lane of her family's van. Shay is a social worker and, at 476, is the biggest contestant The Biggest Loser has ever had. Sean is a youth pastor who, according to his bio, feels his mission is to encourage and inspire people. I don't know what he's my third choice...he just seems like such a nice guy and means well.

So, those are my picks.

I am going to predict that watching this show is going to encourage me (after I recover from the gallbladder surgery) to get up and move. I mean if these people can, why not me, right?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Michelle Malkin and the anatomy of the 2 million protester lie | Media Matters for America

Oh...was there a Tea Party over the weekend? I must have decided to not pay attention to scores of frothing at the mouth wingnuts that still think Obama is an illegal alien. Seriously, I had to look it up after saying to myself "Isn't there a Tea Bagger party coming up?"

Anyway, I guess everyone from Michelle Malkin to Glenn Beck to El Rushbo are (gasp...what a surprise!) inflating their numbers about how many attended the D.C. Rally.

Michelle Malkin and the anatomy of the 2 million protester lie | Media Matters for America

Film heartthrob Patrick Swayze dies of cancer at 57 - CNN.com

Film heartthrob Patrick Swayze dies of cancer at 57 - CNN.com

Beautiful man....beautiful heart. What a fighter he was at the end, and with such grace. May he rest now and dance in heaven.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Honey Corn Muffins

I made these muffins last night to go alone with my beef stew and they are fabulous. It is from a book called "The Fitness Kitchen: Recipes for a Fad-Free Lifestyle" by Shelly Sinton, a book I highly recommend if you are looking for nutritious, low fat recipe ideas. I substituted the two large eggs with a container of egg substitute and the 1% milk with skim.

Make 12 muffins.

Wet Ingredients-
In a medium bowl, combine the following:
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup low-fat 1% milk
1/2 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
1/3 cup honey

Dry Ingredients-
In a large mixing bowl, combine the following:
1 cup stone-ground yellow or white cornmeal
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon chili powder

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Lightly grease a 12 cup muffin pan with nonstick cooking spray or butter. Pour wet ingredients into bowl of dry ingredients and blend until just moist; batter will be slightly lumpy. Evenly divide batter into muffin cups. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool in pan for 5 minutes. remove muffins from pan and serve warm with jalapeno jelly and a pat of butter.

Each muffin has 123 calories, 4 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, and 1.5 grams of fat.

I didn't do the jalapeno jelly, but I did dunk them in the little bit of beef stew I let myself have so my nasty gallbladder didn't attack me. I even had one for breakfast today because they are just sweet enough to be good for breakfast AND with a stew.

In other words...perfect!

What a weekend.....

All I can say is that I have just had the weekend of weekends!

First off, what can I say about seeing Cirque du Soleil's "Alegria" at the War Memorial except how completely awesome it was. Parts of it was so beautiful theatrically that I almost cried. My boys, ages 16 and 12, LOVED it. It was so great to bring my kids to something like this...something that is true art...no tv's, no computers, just art in it's finest. I imagine that this will start my Cirque du Soleil addiction. I used to watch it on Bravo, but it's a whole other thing to see it right in front of you!!

Afterwards, we went to the Carousel Mall and had dinner at Johnny Rockets, a 50's style theme restaurant. At first I was a little leery about going there because I knew it was diner food....lot's a burgers and fries, not good for the gallbladder at all, but imagine my surprise when I found this goodie on the menu:
Streamliner - (100% Soy Boca Burger) - The original meatless Boca burger, with grilled onions, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, pickle, and mustard.
Now I know what many of you are thinking....a 100% soy burger is not your definition of a "goodie", but trust me...aside from a little too much mustard and pickles, easily remedied by removing some, it was REALLY good and I didn't have to resort to the usual grilled chicken breast sandwich that I always end up getting when I eat out. It's amazing what one finds to eat when one is forced to eat low fat. It isn't as yucky as it seems.

I could tell you about shopping at the Mall, but with two teenage boys in tow, it would just be a rehash of "but I don't need any more new clothes" and "why can I get this but not that", and "are we DONE yet?!" so I will fast forward to seeing "9" at the Carousel Mall theater.

"9" is directed by Shane Acker and the feature-length expansion of his Academy Award-nominated 2004 short film of the same name. The screenplay for the feature is by Pamela Pettler (Monster House); directors Tim Burton (Beetlejuice) and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) are among the feature version’s producers.

Here's the "9" trailer that sent Larry and I to HAVE to see it. (Float your cursor over "9" trailer to go to the link)

Ok...this movie absolutely ROCKED. I loved every bit of it...the story, the message, the animation, the characters, the action, and yes, the creepiness of it. All four of us were totally spellbound by it and my youngest, as he walked out of the movie, stated that we definitely have to get it on DVD. It's a shame that Regal Cinemas here in Watertown chose not to play "9", which was FANTASTIC, yet continued to play "G.I. Joe-Rise of Cobra",which pretty much sucked.

Anyway...onto Sunday!

I spent the entire day in my pajamas. Took a shower...put my pjs back on. I made a beef stew to die for (if I do say so myself) with some lowfat honey cornbread muffins, helped my kids with their homework and watched the Giants win their first regular season game (Indy and Philly won too, so extra sweet...not sweet about McNabb's broken rib though).

Ahhh...this was a great weekend with my family!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trying to make a comeback....

Bet you all thought I fell off the face of the Earth, but here I am, little ole' me, trying to make a comeback to the blogosphere. My absence had little to do with my not having things to say...that is a great impossibility, as I ALWAYS have something to say. I suppose my "dropping out" had more to do with the question in my head that kept nagging at me...

"Who gives a flying ^&%$ what you think and have to say?"

Seriously, it does take a little bit "full of oneself" to think that people actually want to spend time reading what your opinions are, but then something occurred to me....

Something I say may help someone feel not so alone. I know I feel that way sometimes when I search the internet and find that someone is in the same boat as me, such as how hard it is to find a full time job in a bad economy, or making the decision to send your kids back to public school after homeschooling, or how a person felt having their gall bladder removed, such as I will on the 18th. A few years back when I dealt with panic disorder and took myself off Paxil, I found a load of people that were going through the same thing, and believe me, it was helpful.

So yes....I am back, journal my adventures (or misadventures) in Northern NY. Today my day is full. I dropped my son off to an art class at the Y, then the family is off to Syracuse to see "Cirque de Solei", then we are off for some shopping for the boys at the Carousel Mall, have some dinner and then hit the movie "9", which we are catching there only because the local Salmon Run Mall doesn't seem to be up to playing it.

Catch you all soon.....

P.S. How 'bout Obama's speech on health care reform, eh? Quite powerful, I think. Gotta love a leader who annunciates....