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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Biggest Loser - Second Chances

I watched Biggest Loser for the first time ever and I am already hooked. I know that with all reality shows, a lot is created with editing, but this has to be the most "real" reality show I have ever seen. I mean, you can't fake how much these people need help and you can't fake what they have all gone through. One woman lost her entire family in a car accident, one lived on the streets with her drug addicted mother, one is a father that doesn't want to die should his kids be too young to remember him. Pretty real stuff.

Actually, the three I described are the three I am rooting for. Abby lost her husband, 5 year old daughter, and 18 day old son three years ago when someone driving at high speed drifted over into the lane of her family's van. Shay is a social worker and, at 476, is the biggest contestant The Biggest Loser has ever had. Sean is a youth pastor who, according to his bio, feels his mission is to encourage and inspire people. I don't know what he's my third choice...he just seems like such a nice guy and means well.

So, those are my picks.

I am going to predict that watching this show is going to encourage me (after I recover from the gallbladder surgery) to get up and move. I mean if these people can, why not me, right?

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