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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I know this is late, but.......

If I was Dede Scozzafava, after yesterday's photo op fiasco, my campaign manager would be out of a job. To quote Perry White from his Watertown Daily Times column Outside Looking In:

"Then on Wednesday, candidate Scozzafava marched down to the Doug Hoffman headquarters to give a sort of Twitterized press conference, and when the film hit the nightly news, there was Dede in a tasteful, muted salmon suit absolutely surrounded by a sea of bright red Hoffman for Congress posters. I don’t know what she was saying; all I could do was stare, mouth open in amazement, at this visual. I’m certain that about half the people who saw it thought she was quitting the campaign and throwing her support to the Conservative Party candidate, because that was certainly the image that lingers."

I was most certainly surprised being that just the day before this clusterf--- Hoffman stated that Dede should step down. Is Dede's campaign manager a secret Conservative operative sent by the wing-nut Tea Party Brigade to actually undermine her campaign?

Hmmm....don't know! I still think my prediction of October 16th is going to come true.

I'll just sit back and enjoy the show, then cast my vote for Bill Owens on November 3rd.

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