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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thank the Heavens for this product.....No Pudge Fat Free Fudge Brownie Mix

When I was eating low fat awaiting my gall bladder surgery, I was a little bummed because I am a lover of brownies. I wasn't able to find a whole lot that I could or dared eat, then one day at The Mustard Seed here in Watertown, I found one of the best fat free foods that I have ever tasted.

It's called No Pudge Fat Free Fudge Brownie Mix. These are pure heaven. All you add is a cup of fat free vanilla yogurt, mix, bake, and you have fat free brownies that taste no where near fat free. I have tried their Mint and Regular varieties and I bought a box of the cappuccino to try over the weekend. These brownies are the bomb, plain and simple. Even my kids eat them like there is no tomorrow.

Now that I trying to live a healthier lifestyle, these are definitely a lifesaver on those PMS, chocolate craving days when yogurt just won't do!!

You can find the No Pudge website at http://www.nopudge.com/index.html. There is a list of store that sell it and I see they have ice cream, too, but the link won't open. I might have to go on an expedition for No Pudge Ice Cream!!

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