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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Biggest Loser - 11/17/09

Well, we are down to now two more episodes of the Biggest Loser and last night was Makeover Week. I pretty much saw it coming that they would dye Danny's hair and shave off Rudy's beard...neither one I was too happy with.

Yes, I know Danny looked younger, but what it this problem stylists have with gray hair. I mean Danny IS 39. Some of us have gray hair by then, but hey, if he likes it, he should keep it. Rudy looks good without the beard, but I also think the beard, when trimmed and neat works better for him.

They all looked great after their makeovers. Jen Wielgus, on another site,stated that Allen looked the best, looking super fly in his shimmery suit....I have to agree.

Well, in a nutshell though, I have been kind of hoping for Amanda to go in the last few weeks because I am tired of her whining and saying "it's too hard", but either she toughened up or editing worked in her favor because she lost 9 pounds. The guys pretty much kicked ass, with Danny losing 12 pounds, Rudy losing 15, and Allan losing 5. The two remaining women, Rebecca and Liz, lost 3, putting them below the yellow line. Liz at first didn't show much fight, but finally pleaded a case I agreed with...Rebecca is 25 and she is 49....this IS her last chance and she needs the house more.

Don't ask me about what Rudy said about trusting Rebecca, because I don't know....maybe it was something we didn't see because of editing...but anyway, Rebecca was voted off and I am pretty sure that if Amanda falters next week, she will find herself gone too. Kind of good to see people my age kicking 20-something butt.

Rebecca DOES look good though and she should be proud of herself for the half marathon she ran. I was in the military and I don't recall ever running 12 miles in a shot.

They should start calling this show The Biggest Loser Love Connection though...Rebecca and Daniel...who knew?

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