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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Deadliest Catch - Season 5, Episode 1

I have to admit. I got out of the habit of watching "The Deadliest Catch". I still watched it from time to time, but didn't watch it with the voracity that I once did. That was, of course, until Captain Phil died. Now I have to watch it.

There is a certain poetry to it. Watching Captain Phil at the helm of the Cornelia Marie, talking with the other captains stating that he was just lucky to be there, trying to do what is right by his battling boys, all the while the viewer knowing that Captain Phil is already gone.

After I watched this episode, I sat and pondered it. The quote "A life lived in fear is a life half lived" came to mind. If this is true, then Captain Phil truly lived. That man didn't seem afraid of anything, did he? Riding motorcycles, sporting tats, smoking another one even though he knew it's killing him (not that I condone that), and spending most of his life doing one of the most dangerous jobs ever. I mean, Ernest Hemingway himself probably couldn't come up with a better bad ass!!

Captain Phil....I'm going to miss ya!!

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