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Thursday, November 04, 2010

A "Golden Age of Hollywood" Moment

Last night, I watched "Saratoga Trunk" on Turner Classic Movies.  This movie starred Ingrid Bergman and Gary Cooper, in which Ingrid Bergman played a woman who, along with her mother, is shunned from New Orleans society, and she comes back to seek revenge for how her mother was treated.  Part of her plan is to marry a rich man so she too could be rich and look down her nose to those that shunned her.  Enter the cog in the gears, Gary Cooper, a Texas gambler.

Here's my "Golden Age of Hollywood" moment....
Gary Cooper in a white suit with a big white hat.  Justin Timberlake was mistaken when he stated he was bringing sexy back because sexy was there in 1945 when 44 year old Gary Cooper, all 6'3 of him, strutted around in that suit, flashing that slow, lazy grin of his.....*sigh*!

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