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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Look Back into History as our budget hits almost 4 trillion...

As I listen to the upcoming battle on the Bush tax cuts, the talks on what to cut to manage the budget, and the ever present hand ringing over our budget getting higher and higher, I am reminded of a time in history when the homefront played their part in helping their country fight and win a war.
Back in WWII, our country was coming out of a Great Depression. It was essentially the war that brought us back from this Depression. Jobs were created, an armed force had to be trained, and weapons had to be built. Men and women went to war and many civilians worked in factories in order to provide our forces with what they needed to win.

It doesn't sound too much different than what we are doing today, but there is one thing that was prevalent in WWII that is not seen today. The civilian homefront was willing to sacrifice to provide for the war.  Not only was food rationed to avoid shortages, but families worked their victory gardens to provide and can food, they gave up the bumpers to their cars to scrap metal drives, drove their cars on wooden wheels to provide rubber, and bought war bonds.  The homefront was an essential part to the success of WWII.
Have we as a national community become so "me" driven, become so disconnect, that we see our country struggling in a war, our economy continuing to falter, that we are seriously considering cutting Social Security and Medicare, but yet not willing to sacrifice one iota of our comfort?  We continue to drive our big cars without considering a carpool, we waste food, we sit at home with our internet and satellite TV, and we care more about whether Bristol Palin should have really moved ahead on "Dancing with the Stars" than the war in Afghanistan.
Where's the homefront sacrifice?  Where are the programs like the Works Progress Administration (WPA) or the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)...you don't have a job but want to work, fine, then work for the country building roads and buildings instead of  drawing on the system. It is time we got our heads out of our asses and decided that getting our country back on track is worth giving up some comforts for.  This isn't a Republican or Democrat thing.  This isn't a poor, working class, or millionaire fight. This should be a fight we all fight if we want our country to be great again.

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