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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My first post in months and big surprise...it's about politics.

I am watching the results come in on CNN and I can honestly say that I am not surprised.  I'm not going to fault the Republicans for gloating as I did the same thing two years ago when my party swept the Nation.  I'm not happy about all this, and as I hear that the Republicans will gain control of the House, I still hope for the Democrats to keep the Senate. 

Many are calling this a referendum to President Obama, which I think is unfair.  I do not understand how people could think that ANYONE, Democrat or Republican, could fix this country in two years.  No, I believe it's a referendum on the peoples disgust with their Congress.  They are disgusted with promises not kept and of politics as usual when usual is bickering and stalemates.  Honestly, I am not sad that Nancy Pelosi lost her control of the House.  Two years ago, I applauded the "girl power" moment of when we had a female Speaker of the House only to be left disillusioned that she was just as bad as the rest of them.

As important as this election was, I found I didn't have the heart to get too involved.  I didn't phone bank, I didn't canvass, I didn't even stand and hold a sign this year.  I voted...that's all.  Why?  Because I'm tired.  I saw this election season as one of the nastiest that I have ever seen.  Both Democrats and Republicans engaged in dirty politics and attack ads.  Both sides robocalled, phone banked, and sent mailings to voters to within an inch of their sanity.  What I want to see is campaigns that focus on the issues.  I want to see elected officials work together with each other and with our President.  Is that so much to ask?  I think not.

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