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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ritchie files lawsuit in 48th District election-The Valley News Online

Ritchie files lawsuit in 48th District election - The Valley News Online

Fiscal Conservative: one who advocates avoiding deficit spending.

This is the platform that Patty Ritchie ran on and apparently the North Country ate it up, because she leads Darrell Aubertine, our incumbant in NY's Senate District 48, in votes and absentee ballots.

So, if your opponent has already conceded AND you are ahead in votes, what is fiscally conservative about a special SUNDAY petition to file a lawsuit for a court review of the ballots that could cost NYS taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars?


Anonymous said...

Exactly when did Aubertine concede?

Peacepoet said...

Aubertine conceded on November 18th.