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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Had a very confusing night last night....Death Penalty Thoughts

Last night was a very confusing night for me as I watched some of the news coverage of the Troy Davis case.  I knew that there were some questions of the man's guilt and I knew that a lot of people have spoken out against the execution.  I actually found myself saying to whatever Divine Spirit that is out there to "not let this happen".  I felt that way because there genuinely seems to be some doubt that Troy Davis was actually guilty.  I found myself confused because when Casey Anthony was up for the death penalty, it was the lack of evidence and the fact that a lot of the evidence in her case was circumstantial that kept her from getting the death penalty.  Yet, even with the fact that she lied to police about what happened to her little girl, she pretty much walked, not even a charge of child neglect or anything relating to her baby girl.  She looked guilty as hell, but they couldn't prove it.  In some instances, I am sure that some people think that Troy Davis looked guilty as hell....but did they really prove it without a reasonable doubt?

I say I was confused because while I was worried about whether an innocent man was about to die, word came that Lawrence Russell Brewer was put to death in Texas.  I didn't even bat an eye....I even made a comment of "Buh-bye now!!" 

Why the difference?  Because with Brewer, there was no doubt.  He was actually proud of his part in the death of James Byrd, Jr.  He had no remorse for dragging a man to his death.  In fact, the night before his execution, he was quoted as saying that he had no regrets and he'd do it all over again if he had the chance.  I'm not ashamed to say that I feel no compassion for an individual like this...in fact, I think lethal injection was too good for him.

It was a very though provoking night.  I found myself questioning the death penalty in one case and supporting it the next....

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