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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Regarding Obama's Jobs Bill and the Dems lack of warm fuzzies over it...

This is really just a cut and paste from a response I made on a thread at the Jefferson County Web Board.  What are your thoughts?

Yes...I read that in the NY Times today.  I know that I will get thrown under the bus for this, but here goes.....

How bout we all quit fighting over WHO should pay taxes and just go back to us ALL paying our fair share?  Yes, put the payroll tax back to where it was, make the big businesses pay their share (none of this GE paying no federal tax BS), and don't single out which industry takes a hit.  And while we are at it, start bringing back those programs where instead of drawing unemployment or welfare, work on the infastructure and other programs that will build this country.

I will GLADLY pay 2% more on my taxes if it will get the country back on track and I believe that a lot of other people would feel the same way if our extra two percent wasn't wasted, but if I...a lowly working class girl, am going to cough up my part, then those in business and in the upper income brackets should damn well do so too.

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